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blazing star flowers


Hi, I'm Suzanne and I love flowers! I love growing them from seed, carefully tending them, creating lush, garden-inspired designs and sharing this beauty with the world. I enjoy seeing the smile they bring to a recipient's face, how they bring an event space to life and the way my heart flutters when I walk past them in my own home.

As a kid, I made flower crowns for my patient kitties. I still have the same joy and delight after over 15 years as a professional floral designer. I've studied many disciplines of fine art and craft: including ceramics, printmaking, botanical illustration and most recently, work as a chocolatier. I love the way that working as a farmer-florist combines artistic expression with my other passions: nature, plants and environmental sustainability.

I've been an organic farmer for 20 years. I am deeply committed to stewarding the land with great care and reverence. I was fortunate to study Ecological Horticulture at UC Santa Cruz (CA) where I received a life changing education in the foundations of organic growing, as well as the ripple effects that it has into the wellness of our local ecosystems, communities and the planet.

In addition to flowers, I have commercially raised vegetables, fruit, berries, honey bees and laying hens over the years. I've grown crops for CSA, restaurants and farmer's markets. I am excited to now circle back to flowers and small-scale farming so that I can put great attention into the details of each flower from seed to bouquet.


My farm operation is now based at the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy Community Farm in Alexander, NC. I feel so fortunate to be an Incubator Farmer here and join this team of dedicated and talented folks who care so deeply about land stewardship and sustainable agriculture.

I am the grower, head designer, planner and contact person for all of my products. I want you have a great flower experience, whether I am working with you to plan the wedding of your dreams, a cozy elopement, a special delivery to give a boost to someone special or a weekly CSA subscription to bring nature and color into your home. Please get in touch and let me know how I can help bring more flowers into your world!

This flower stand in Medellin, Colombia is one example of the many sources of inspiration I find near and far.

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