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2024: Available for Pick up at Olivette or at the Farm in Alexander.

Other location pick-ups & deliveries are sold out.

Get farm fresh flowers and support local agriculture at the same time.  Enjoy them yourself or give as a cheerful gift. Sign up for one month or the full season. We grow over 50 species and 200 varieties of flowers to offer you a range of color, texture, and botanical interest all season long. These fresh flower bouquets add a bright spot to your home or workspace.

We also offer a one-time Flower Seedling Collection, a curated tray of healthy young plants, ready in May to plant in your own garden.

What's a flower CSA membership or share? The term has been used somewhat interchangeably with flower subscription and flower subscription service. A subscription is also a weekly flower pick up or delivery but the heart of the relationship behind a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture share is one of partnership and support more than frequent customer. Learn about the CSA origin story and model here or read our CSA Member Agreement here.

CSA Members are invited to our farm in Alexander for an open house during the growing season to say hello in person and see where their flowers come from.


As a CSA member, you will receive lush seasonal flowers weekly. As you order, select either a 'Pre-made Bouquet' or a bucket of 'Loose Flowers' to arrange yourself. Both bouquet and bucket members will receive a short video explaining how to best care for their flowers for a long vase life.

Thursday pick-up options:

weekly bouquets: June, August, September

Thursdays 3-6pm at the SAHC Community Farm 

228 Mag Sluder Rd, Alexander, NC 28701

Pick-Ups Still Available Here

Thursdays 3:00-5:30 at Honey & the Hive

23 Merrimon Ave, Weaverville, NC 28787

Sold out for 2024

Thursdays 3:30-7:30 at pleb urban winery

289 Lyman St, Asheville, NC 28801

Sold out for 2024

Thursdays 3-5 at Karen Donatelli's

1000 Hendersonville Rd, South Asheville, 28803

Sold out for 2024

Wednesday Pick-ups Available Here:

biweekly bouquets: May, June, August, September

4-7pm at the Olivette CSA & Farm Store 

172 Old Macedonia Road, Asheville, NC 28804


We offer a limited number of weekly deliveries for an additional charge, please email us your address to determine cost availability and pricing. Sold out for 2024.

What's Blooming each month?

We can't guarantee specific blooms due to the inherent risks of farming and weather but here are just a few of the expected monthly highlights:



 fresh lavender, snapdragons, sunflowers + early field flowers with a loose natural vibe, such as yarrow + larkspur.


dahlias, sunflowers, long-lasting lisianthus, celosia, flowers suitable for drying


dahlias! long-lasting lisianthus, amaranth, celosia, flowers suitable for drying


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